Touring Michigan Wine

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Michigan are you? 

Southwest Michigan...We are 90 minutes from downtown Chicago; 30 minutes from South Bend, Indiana; one hour from Kalamazoo; and 1.5 hours from Grand Rapids. Towns to stay in include New Buffalo, St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, South Haven (all beach towns), etc.  Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.


How many people can we have on our Tour?


All of our tours can accommodate up to 14 people, that is the LEGAL CAPACITY of our vehicles and under no circumstances can we take more than that on a single vehicle.  In addition, most of the wineries prefer groups 14 or less in order to deliver the best service possible, which is another reason we limit tours to 14 people.


We do have multiple vehicles, and in RARE occasions will allow two vehicles to travel together in order to keep a larger group together.  This can only be done on weekdays and with the special permission of all wineries involved, with Fruitful Vine reserving the final decision. If you want to take a group larger than 14 people, you need to call and talk with us first.


What if the weather is bad?



We never cancel the Vino Coach due to rain. If you reserve a tour on the Wine O Wagon, we run that unless there is a dangerous thunderstorm with lightening, in which case we will cancel the tour and refund your full purchase price.

Winter Weather—

Sometimes we deem the weather to be too dangerous to run a tour, and it will be canceled. This happens only about once each winter. You will receive a full refund if we cancel the tour. If you decide not to come even though we are still running the tour, our normal cancellation policy applies.

Do the wineries have tasting fees?

All wine tasting fees and souvenir wine glasses are included in the price of the tour.

Are kids allowed?

The short answer is no (unless your "kid" is over 21). Although kids are allowed at the wineries, we have made the decision to keep our tours adult only; therefore no one under the age of 21 is allowed on a Fruitful Vine Tour.

Is there a schedule?

Yes. We have designed the best tours possible based on years of experience and thousands of customers. All of the wineries have been notified of our arrival time and the number of people we are bringing so that they can make special arrangements to accommodate our groups.

Can we consume alcohol while traveling?

Our goal is to deliver fun and informative tours. We have learned over the years that this is best accomplished if alcohol consumption is reserved for your time at the wineries, therefore no open alcohol will be allowed on any of the vehicles. You will get plenty of wine at the wineries, we promise!

What is your cancellation policy?

Please review our Payment & Cancellation Policies page for details.